Frequently Asked Questions

What types of service will my insurance cover?

Fidelity Health Care accepts Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and self-pay. Most insurance companies will cover all or a portion of services that are considered skilled. Skilled services include nursing, therapy, and social work visits for evaluation, education, and treatment. Additionally, home care aide services are covered by many insurance plans. We’re happy to work with you and your insurance plan to determine coverage, and we’ll also bill your insurance company directly.

How long and how often can I receive home care services?

Your physician will work with Fidelity to determine a plan of care. The duration and frequency of home visits by a nurse, therapist, social worker, or home health aide will be determined by your health care needs as directed by your physician. Personal care services, such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and light housekeeping may be obtained on an Independent Care Service basis.

Do I have to meet specific requirements to receive coverage for services?

A physician’s order is required for skilled services to be performed by a home care agency. Many nonskilled services can be provided by a home care aide and obtained without a physician’s order on an Independent Care Service basis.

What services can a home care aide perform?

A home care aide can provide personal care, such as assistance with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and housekeeping. 

Where can I obtain my equipment?

All home care equipment such as walkers, oxygen, wheelchairs, CPAP, BIPAP and supplies, as well as enterals and incontinence items can be obtained by calling (937) 208-6400. We’ll work with you on delivery arrangements.

How do I arrange for home care?

Fidelity Health Care's home care services are just a phone call away. To request services, call us at (937) 208-6400 or click here to complete our confidential online form.

Who qualifies for Medicare coverage?

To qualify for Medicare coverage, the patient must:

  • Be aged 65 years old or older
  • Currently receive Social Security benefits or be enrolled in the railroad retirement system
  • Be younger than 65 years old and have received Social Security disability benefits for at least two years (24 months)

Will Medicare pay for home health services for patients who are 65 years or older and still working?

Yes. However, if a patient is covered by an employer’s insurance plan, the employer’s health insurance could be used in conjunction with Medicare. Spouses who are a qualified Medicare beneficiary are covered under the spouse's primary Medicare benefits as well.

Are home visits covered under Medicare?

Yes, if each of the following conditions is met:

  • Patient’s physician has requested home health care and established a plan of care
  • Agency is Medicare-certified
  • Patient must be homebound and cannot leave without assistance
  • Patient requires nursing care, physical therapy, or speech therapy for at least 60 days

What payment do you accept?

Fidelity Health Care works with most insurance carriers, and we also accept private patient payments. Please contact our office at (937) 208-6400 or (800) 946-6344 to discuss your options with us. We may still be able to provide services to you as not all insurance carriers require providers be contracted. 

In addition to working with insurance carriers, all of our services are available on an Independent Care Services basis as well. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards, as well as checks and cash. If you do not have insurance or are in need of a service not covered by your insurance, please contact our office so we can review all of your options.

What are my other payment options?

To learn more about payment options, call us today at (937) 208-6400.