TeleHealth Services

ScaleTeleHealth is technology that provides the latest in home telemonitoring through a system featuring audio and medical tools like blood pressure meters, scales, and pulse oximeters. A Disease Management Nurse located in the Fidelity Health Care office contacts patients at and collect vital health information to assist in in directing patients. The nurse will immediately report any changes to the patient's physician as appropriate. 

Fidelity Health Care combines traditional home care services with the latest in technology to create a powerful tool for cardiopulmonary disease management. We believe the combination of home care services and TeleHealth can provide patients with the necessary education and monitoring to give them the best opportunity for success in self-managing their chronic illness.

Who Needs TeleHealth Services?

  • Patients with a primary diagnosis of a condition like congestive heart failure CHF & COPD
  • Patients with a recent hospitalization and/or who have received emergent care
  • Patients with a need to understand the disease process and/or how to self-manage their treatment and recovery at home.

With the proper patient education, we can help you become an active participant in managing your own care, which will lead to an overall improvement in your health. 

TeleHealth System

Telehealth PatientTelehealth System is a small monitor that records your clinical information such as symptoms and vital signs, including blood pressure, weight, and oxygen saturation. It provides two-way communication of important medical information between you and the Fidelity Health Care office to ensure your treatment plan is being met. Communication from the system and the patient is reviewed by a Disease Management Nurse and Fidelity Health Care to ensure a treatment plan and health goals are determined by your physician.

In addition to home visits made by a nurse, patients participate in daily interactive educational sessions with the TeleHealth System. When patients answer disease-specific questions and send detailed information about their health and well-being to Fidelity Health Care. The patient's health record is updated daily, providing the health care team access to information and a clear understanding of the patient’s health and risks on a daily basis. This information allows Fidelity Health Care to address changes in your health status, allowing your physician to tailor care to your changing needs.