Mother and Infant Care Services

Mom and BabyFidelity Health Care offers a variety of services for mother, baby, and their families. Our Home Health Care nurse visits are provided by registered nurses who are highly trained in obstetrics and infant care. Home visits offer a complete assessment of mom and baby. Comprehensive and educational instructions are provided in addition to correct care, signs and symptoms of health issues are covered during the visit. Newborn screenings and bilirubin levels are drawn as needed per the physician orders.

Who Needs Mother and Infant Care?

  • Patients with a high-risk pregnancy
  • Patients requiring assistance administering medication such as progesterone injections
  • Patients who need intravenous (IV) hydration
  • Patients who need a postpartum mother-baby assessment and education
  • Newborn babies who need phototherapy for jaundice
  • Newborn babies discharged from the neonatal ICU

Our Services

  • Follow-up visits for infants discharged from the neonatal ICU
  • Follow-up visits postdelivery and postdischarge
  • Phototherapy light setup, if ordered by the physician
  • C-Section patients who need wound monitoring

Mother and infant home visits typically require only one visit, except for phototherapy, which may require repeat laboratory draws per the physician orders.

Mother and Infant Care Medical Equipment

  • Breast Pumps and accessories  
  • Bili lights
  • Apnea monitor
  • oxygen