Hearing Aid Equipment

Most persons with hearing impairment will benefit from the use of hearing aids or other assisted listening devices. At Fidelity Health Care, we partner with leading companies to provide the best hearing aid options available today. We work with a wide variety of hearing aid sizes and circuitry options to customize fit and feel.

Available Equipment

  • Amplified alarm clocks with pillow vibrator
  • Cordless amplified telephones
  • Custom headphones
  • Forced-air hearing aid dryer with UV lamp
  • Name-brand hearing aids at affordable prices (Starkey, Siemens, Electone, GNResound, Phonak, and Unitron) 
  • Telephone handset amplifier
  • Wide range of accessories and assistive listening devices available
  • Wireless headsets (TV ears)

Our Services

  • 30-day adjustment (trial) period to ensure the proper fit and comfort of hearing aids
  • Extended warranty coverage available for repair, loss, or damage
  • Free in-office repairs  
  • Free office visits for hearing aids  under warranty
  • Interest-free payment plans available to qualified applicants