Home Care Considerations

When trying to decide if home care is the best fit for a loved one, it is important to consider a number of factors:

  • Is this the best option for providing medical care to my loved one?
  • Is this safe for my loved one?
  • What are my loved one’s wishes?
  • Is this a short-term or a long-term situation?

The Ohio Department of AgingOff Site Icon can help you determine the best health care option for your loved one, whether that be a nursing home, an assisted living facility, or home care.

  • Assisted Living: There is a wide variety of assisted living facilities, and most provide meals, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, and social activities. In addition, assisted living can also offer help with tasks like bathing, grooming, and personal hygiene.The Area Agency on AgingOff Site Icon can provide a free assessment to determine if assisted living is the best fit for your loved one.
  • Home Care: For many people, home care is an excellent option when a nursing home or assisted living facility is too big of a step for a loved one. Home care allows a blend of home health and personal care services, in addition to companionship and transportation services. The Area Agency on AgingOff Site Icon can provide a list of home care services in your area, including Fidelity.
  • Nursing Homes: Any Ohio resident who is considering nursing home care must participate in a pre-admission review to help determine the most effective plan of care. Three basic determinations will be made during the review: 
    • Does the individual need services for mental health, mental retardation, or developmental disabilities?
    • What level of care does the individual require, and what types of facilities can provide it?
    • Could the individual receive the services he or she needs through alternatives to nursing home care?

Source: Ohio Department of Aging

We’re Here to Help

If you decide home care is the best option, we are here to help make the process as smooth as possible. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to get more information and see what types of insurance plans are covered.Our Helpful Resources page also provides you with additional research links and information.

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