Physical Therapy

Physical therapy visits from Fidelity Health Care are provided by our licensed physical therapy professionals. The Physical Therapy Team utilizes a variety of modalities and activities to help patients regain strength, balance, and mobility skills in the comfort of their home. These include but are not limited to, getting in and out of bed, safe walking, stair climbing, accessing the bathroom, and restoring joint range of motion, or strength.

Individualized treatment plans are designed to restore ones life roles, manage pain, and achieve independent function. Our Physical Therapy team provides education, instruction and demonstration to patients and families to achieve a personalized plan of care. Physical therapy services are covered by a variety of payment options.

Who Needs Physical Therapy (PT)?

  • Patients recovering from injuries—pains, fractures, motor vehicle accidents, etc
  • Patients recovering from total joint replacements
  • Patients experiencing weakness and loss of mobility following illness, hospitalization, or nursing home stays
  • Patients experiencing gait abnormalities following surgery, neurological diagnoses, and chronic disease
  • Patients with balance problems or vestibular who are at risk for falls
  • Patients demonstrating loss of strength, muscle weakness
  • Family members attempting to care for a loved one at home

Physical Therapy Services Can Help With

  • Acute pain management
  • Amputee rehabilitation and prosthetic training
  • Balance/training vestibular
  • Endurance training and energy conservation
  • Edema or swelling concerns
  • Equipment assessments
  • Fall prevention education
  • Gait training
  • Home exercise training
  • Home safety assessments
  • Incontinence training
  • Individualized therapeutic exercise programs
  • Joint replacement programs
  • Pre-operative joint replacement home assessments
  • Stroke, head injury, and other neurological rehabilitation

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