Dianne's Testimonial

Dianne was leading a fairly normal life, volunteering at church, shopping and taking her grandchildren to Scouts and church choir. Then in May, Dianne noticed her right calf was swollen. Before long, her ankle was twice its normal size. That’s when she headed to Good Samaritan Hospital.

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Dianne, 64, was diagnosed with cellulitis and congestive heart failure. She spent close to three weeks in the Dayton Heart and Vascular Hospital at Good Samaritan.

Because of an open wound on her foot and ankle area, Dianne was discharged to a rehabilitation facility. When she returned home, she received follow-up care from Fidelity Health Care. Nurses came to check her temperature and blood pressure, and to change her wound dressing.

“The nurse said she didn’t like the way my wound looked or smelled,” said Dianne. “She was very concerned and called in a special wound-care nurse from Miami Valley Hospital. The nurse came and looked at it. She agreed it was not good and told me to get to the hospital immediately.”

Dianne was diagnosed with gangrene. She credits the careful observation and knowledge of the Fidelity Health Care Nurses with saving her foot. She is currently home. A wound vac that sucks out infection and dead tissue is attached to her wound. Eventually she will undergo skin grafting.

“If it hadn’t been for those Fidelity nurses,” says Dianne, “I wouldn’t have my foot today.”

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