Gerda’s Testimonial

Gerda’s knee pain was so excrutiating that she couldn’t even get a good night’s sleep. Her family doctor recommended she see Dr. Steven Kleinhenz. After giving Gerda several rounds of cortisone injections, Dr. Kleinhenz recommended a total knee replacement.

Watch Gerda’s video by clicking play below or read the transcript.

Gerda, 84, was nervous about the surgery but decided to proceed with it. “No doubt I was leery, but I knew I had to have it because of the pain,” said Gerda.

Gerda had her surgery in April. She was transferred to a nursing rehabilitation center before heading to her son’s home to recover. At her son’s house, Gerda received in-home physical and occupational therapy from Fidelity Health Care nurses and therapists.

“I believe I was on a walker for about four days and then a cane for a few days,” said Gerda. Just three months later, she is walking confidently and without pain.

Gerda has nothing but praise for Fidelity Health Care. “They were wonderful. They taught me my exercises and measured my knee. It was all very good. I can’t say enough about them.”

These days Gerda, who lives alone, is back to grocery shopping and getting around with little to no pain. “And I’m getting a good night’s sleep.”

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