Joe’s Testimonial

Joe retired from teaching and looked forward to playing golf, mowing the lawn and simply enjoying his retirement. Unfortunately, his knees were causing him such pain that at the age of 67, he was unable to do any of the things he had planned.

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“I’d heard the expression ‘bone on bone’ and that’s what my doctor told me I had in both knees,” said Joe. “My family doctor sent me to Dr. Homayoun Mesghali, an orthopedic surgeon at Good Samaritan Hospital.  Dr. Mesghali told me I was a candidate for a double partial knee replacement.”

In June, when Joe arrived at Good Samaritan, he could barely walk due to pain. “I had to hire someone to mow my lawn because I just couldn’t do it,” he said. “I couldn’t play golf.”

After surgery, Joe was in the hospital for a few days then headed home. “Once I left the hospital, I never took a pain reliever again. I didn’t need it.”

At home, Joe received follow-up care and physical therapy from Fidelity Health Care. A nurse visited him in the comfort of his own home to check his blood pressure and his incision. “She removed the staples and it didn’t hurt a bit. She was terrific,” he said.

The physical therapist visited Joe three times weekly to teach him the exercises he needed to help the healing processes. “She was amazing,” said Joe. “She would show me the exercises I needed to do. I was very good about doing what she said. I think that was helpful in how quickly I was up and around.”

Joe said he used a walker for about four days following his surgery and then used a cane for three or four days. “Dr. Mesghali and the folks at Fidelity were my miracle workers,” said Joe. “Before surgery, my pain jumped from three to 10. It was almost unbearable.”

These days, Joe is playing golf with a league and mowing his own lawn.

“The people at Fidelity gave me back my retirement.”

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