Wound & Ostomy Care services

Fidelity Health Care's wound team is comprised of certified wound care nurses that specialize in assessment, treatment and wound care recommendations. We also provide patient and caregiver education and support. Fidelity Health Care's wound care team works closely with you physician(s) on creating positive healing.

Who Needs Wound Care Services 

  • Acute/Chronic wounds (challenging wounds) 
  • Skin tears and other skin issues
  • Post-operative/surgical wounds and incisions
  • Traumatic wounds and burns 
  • Ulcers such as (arterial, diabetic, pressure and venous stasis)
  • Ostomy and fistula patients

Fidelity Health Care's Wound Care Services Can Help With 

  • Treatment recommendations
  • Nutritional assessment 
  • Assistance with obtaining supplies
  • Coordination and communication with physician(s)
  • Improved patient monitoring and outcomes
  • Assistance with overall patient care 
  • Negative pressure wound therapy (wound vac)
  • Ostomy and fistula education and care