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About Us

Mission and History

Fidelity Health Care has been a Southwest Ohio leading provider of high quality, cost-competitive home health care services since 1984. We serve patients with caring, compassionate medical care in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Our expert nurses, therapists and home health aides deliver whatever is needed directly to the patient’s door — from therapy to disease management, from personal care to meal preparation, from transportation to companionship.

We work closely with patients, their families, and their physicians to develop a program that delivers the individualized care each patient needs, improves their quality of life and helps them remain independent. Whether we’re providing continuous or periodic care, the Fidelity Health Care home health professionals are trained to provide the appropriate level of care for patients of all ages.

Service Begins in 1984

Fidelity Health Care acquired a Dayton home care operation in 1984. In the next few years, we saw dramatic growth in Dayton, which led us to acquire an office in Cincinnati in 1988 and open offices in Cleveland and Detroit shortly thereafter. These offices demonstrated our ability to create successful operations that are geographically distinct from our corporate office and primary referral sources. In 1987, in order to better serve our clients, we began offering infusion services, and in 1989 we launched our medical equipment division.

Expansions, Partnerships, and Growth

In the fall of 1993, Fidelity decided to focus operations in the Dayton area. As a result, the Detroit Fidelity office was closed, and the Cincinnati and Cleveland offices were sold in 1995. It was a difficult decision, since both the Cincinnati and Cleveland offices had been successful. But in order to become a part of the Miami Valley Hospital integrated delivery system, it was necessary for us to focus solely on the Dayton region.

In June of 1995, the parent companies of Miami Valley Hospital (MedAmerica Health Systems Corporation) and Good Samaritan Hospital which closed in 2018 (Samaritan Health Partners) joined to form a new local health care delivery system. This joint operating company was named Premier Health and it was designed to meet the future health care needs of the Miami Valley region. With this new affiliation, Fidelity Health Care combined with Maria Joseph Home Care, affiliated with Good Samaritan Hospital, to become a single home care entity for Premier Health.

Who We Are Today

In 2005, Premier Health combined with Middletown Regional Health System home care, Careview, and Upper Valley Medical Center's Home Care agency in 2010. These partnerships provided us with an opportunity to combine home health agencies, enhancing the provision of home health care services in the greater Miami Valley region.

Mission and Vision

Premier Health Mission
We will improve the health of the communities we serve with others who share our commitment to provide high-quality, cost-competitive health services.

Fidelity Health Care Mission
We will, as a member of Premier Health, commit to provide high-quality, cost-competitive home care and related health care services to the communities we serve.

Fidelity Health Care Vision
We will be recognized by the community, physicians, purchasers, and patients as the home health care provider of choice. Demand for our services will extend beyond comprehensive home care services and products to include case management from a community perspective. Physicians who maintain specialty medical practices, together with primary care physicians, will utilize us as a value-added adjunct to their practices that assist in maintaining their patients in the home. We will have strong relationships with third-party payers and be an active member of regional home health care alliances recognized by network managers. Offers of, and contracts for, our services will be both independent of, and included with, Premier Health Partners contacts.

We are an integral element of Premier Health, providing a bridge between the patient in the home and the hospital, as well as a link between the patient at home and the physician in the office or clinic. Patient and management information are linked within this network to support the cost-effective delivery of care. We will work in tandem with other members of Premier Health, as well as the communities we serve, as we seek to anticipate and plan for the creation of new home services, whether pre-hospitalization or in lieu of hospitalization, or other forms of inpatient care. We will be an active participant in all community-based management efforts.

Contact Us

To learn more about Fidelity Health Care services call us at (937) 208-6400(937) 208-6400 or by filling out our confidential online form.