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Advanced Illness Management

The Premier Health Advanced Illness Management team specializes in caring for people with chronic, serious, life-limiting illnesses. This program is based on a palliative care model — that is, we focus on helping patients find relief from their symptoms, pain, and the stress that serious illness can cause, whatever that illness might be. We strive to improve the quality of life for patients and their families.

Who Can the Premier Health Advanced Illness Management Program Help?

  • Patients diagnosed with chronic, serious illnesses
  • Patients and families who are struggling to manage an advanced illness
  • Patients who require frequent trips to the hospital or emergent care providers
  • Patients and families who request Advanced Illness Management services

What Does the Premier Health Illness Management Program Provide?

  • Comprehensive assessment and care by a team of highly qualified and specially trained nurses, therapists, social workers and home care aides
  • Individualized instruction in advanced illness management
  • Identification of community resources and long-term planning needs
  • Attention to the emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their families
  • Help with transitioning from home health care to the appropriate level of care, when necessary
  • Close collaboration with the patient's physician and members of the care team

What Are the Goals of the Premier Health Advanced Illness Management Program?

  • Enhance the patient's quality of life
  • Educate the patient and family about the advanced illness process
  • Provide relief from pain and other life-limiting symptoms
  • Provide interventions that address emotional and psychosocial needs
  • Assist family members in coping with the patient's illness

Learn More

To learn more, call Fidelity Health Care and ask to speak with a nurse about Premier Health Advanced Illness Management at (937) 208-6400(937) 208-6400 or toll-free (800) 946-6344(800) 946-6344.