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Education and Support

What Kind of Home Care Do You Need?

We want you to be safe and comfortable in your home as you manage your illness or injury. Fidelity Health Care’s entire team of in-home professionals is skilled at providing the care that your doctor believes is best for you. Our goal is to help you:

  • Maintain your independence in your home
  • Manage your condition safely
  • Manage your medications
  • Recognize signs that your condition may be getting worse and more help is needed

Heal at home and avoid re-hospitalization

What Care is Available to Me at Home?

We have a comprehensive team of caregivers who are skilled at providing the exact care you need. Although your doctor will determine what help you need, you can always ask for more help by calling your doctor, or by calling Fidelity Health Care at (937) 208-6400(937) 208-6400 or toll-free (800) 946-6344(800) 946-6344.

Learn about the role of each of our team members and what they can do for you: