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Why Fidelity Health Care?

Patient Stories

We enjoy a unique relationship with the many home health patients we serve at Fidelity Health Care. We do our best to deliver skilled medical and personal care with respect, compassion and simple kindness. We love our work. Every day we make personal connections with our patients, and sometimes they get in touch to tell us how we’re doing.

Here’s what they’re saying about us.

Our nurse consistently went above and beyond in caring for our elderly father in his home. When Fidelity asked her to begin working in a new territory, she agreed, but also chose to continue seeing our father even though his home was now well out of her way. By doing so, she provided consistency to our dad and to all of us. She was warm and understanding, a great listener, supportive, and she provided excellent care. Although our dad recently passed away, we wanted to take the time to thank our nurse for all she did during dad’s last months. She was our “rock.” The difference she made in all our lives, especially dad’s, will not be soon forgotten.


You not only provided excellent care, you became a friend and companion to our father.


When I called Fidelity, the young woman was so knowledgeable about the services available to us. She left us confident in our choice of care. The rest of the office staff patiently answered my questions and were real advocates for us. The way our two nurses treated my son gave me peace of mind. I knew he was receiving the best care. The outcome of their care was exactly as I had hoped…full closure of my son’s wound, avoiding a second surgery. 

It takes a special person to provide nursing care, and Fidelity has succeeded in finding those special people. I am truly thankful that I was referred to Fidelity Health Care because I could not have asked for better care and a better outcome over the last 16 weeks.


My Fidelity health coach is the textbook definition of what a health coach should be. She’s kind, compassionate, empathetic, and nonjudgmental. She keeps me company while I have my chemo treatment, offering her support. And she helps me communicate with my doctors and the other people who are taking care of me. She has done so much for me, including bringing me food and medicines and keeping me from getting down in the dumps. With her coaching, I feel motivated and capable of getting my independence back!