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Why Fidelity Health Care?

Patient and Staff Stories

We enjoy a unique relationship with the many patients we serve at Fidelity Health Care. We do our best to deliver skilled medical and personal care with respect, compassion and simple kindness. We love our work.  Every day we make personal connections with our patients, and sometimes they get in touch to tell us how we’re doing.

Here’s what they’re saying about us. 

A Fidelity Health Care nurse was providing ongoing wound care to a patient. During this time, the patient’s father passed away. While at the funeral, the patient’s ostomy appliance began leaking and she was unable to repair it. She frantically called the nurse for help who immediately went to the funeral home where the service was being held. In the privacy of the funeral home’s restroom, they replaced the appliance. The patient was overwhelmed with gratitude for the care that our nurse could provide in her time of need.